Find Rugs and Area Rugs at Carpet America

So what’s the difference between a rug and an area rug? It depends on who you ask. At Carpet America we offer the highest quality and the best prices of both, so you win either way. To answer the question however, a rug, in general terms, is considered a woven or otherwise constructed floor covering that typically does not reach from wall to wall (unlike wall-to-wall carpet). An area rug, on the other hand, is generally considered a rug of a set size and shape to cover a precise area, usually as an accent piece or centered in an area of high foot traffic.

Why would you care about the distinction between rugs and area rugs? You may not, and that’s okay, but we care a great deal about helping you find the ideal rug to meet your needs – at the right price.

All that said; small area rugs can do more than dress up your home, they can help protect expensive tile foyers and heavily trafficked areas on your hardwood or carpeted floors. At the same time, larger rugs can add a bit of warmth to your hardwood floors in any room or setting.

If you are interested in finding the ideal rug or area rug for your home, please stop by. Our experts can help you find the right rug at the right price. It’s priceless advice that’s free of charge.

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